About Me

Hi you!

I am so very glad you found this site. I’m Laura. I am a registered nurse & writer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And I am with you on this journey of learning to sort through our chaotic, haphazard, stunningly human lives.

We human beings tend to hold onto things. It’s a little quirk of ours – the way bower birds obsess over blue knick knacks or chubby squirrels stash acorns in their arboreal storage units. We grip onto what we know with our ten little fingers and deploy our heart as an anchor. Our brain files memories and thoughts away, and sometimes when our brains become too full, it spills into our closets and desk drawers. This is a space to reflect on thoseĀ things – those unnecessary parts of our life that we cling to.

Particularly after trauma, we are launched back to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It takes all our strength to eat, to drink, to find shelter. We slowly build ourselves up, but sometimes, we become scared to change too radically.

This blog is a space for learning to let go – safely, actively, and wholeheartedly. It is a space where we learn to let go of the things that burden us, and to hold tightly to what lifts us up.

All my love, all the time,


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